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How do tigers play?

I believe that you can answer the question in the title quite scientifically. I'll try. We know how domestic cats play. The domestic cat is a domesticated North African wildcat. The wildcat is just another species of wild cat as is the tiger. So inherent in all wild cat species is the ability to enjoy playing. It doesn't matter whether you are a huge tiger or a small wildcat in Africa. To repeat, it is innate in them to enjoy playing. This is because it's both entertaining and a form of play-hunting. Note: the scientific books on the tiger don't mention playing. We have rely on YouTube and common sense! Big Cat Rescue white tiger playing. Video screenshot. It's a substitute for hunting. And this is probably another point worth making. You will see tigers playing, as you can see in the video, in captivity. In fact zookeepers are obliged to find ways to encourage their tigers to enjoy playing because it's the only way they can substitute the natural behaviour of h