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Genuine lion versus tiger fight - see video for outcome

I cannot watch these videos. Whether a tiger or a lion wins in a tiger versus lion fight does not actually interest me but it does interest many people. There have been many discussions about this and I have quite a few pages on it myself on my main website. It does fascinate people because there is a kind of bloodlust within the human race which disturbs me and mystifies me actually. Image: MikeB RELATED:  LION VERSUS TIGER - LION WINS . In any case after that negative introduction, I present to you a genuine tiger versus lion fight. I've not watched it but I did watch tiny bits of it (freeze-frame) to see what happened. The outcome is what I would expect. In a poll that I ran many years ago it came out approximately that 50% of people think that a tiger would win such a fight and the remaining 50% take the opposite viewpoint. The tiger and lion are very evenly matched as you'd expect. However, the real experts tend to believe that the lion would win such a fight. And I think

How many Siberian tigers are left in China (2022)?

The Siberian tiger is also called the Amur tiger. There is an interesting article on the China Daily website about a forest ranger, An Jianwu, who works in the Northeast China Tiger and Leopard National Park in Jilin and Heilongjiang provinces. Interestingly, Google Maps does not identify this huge park very well or at all.  Siberian tiger. Image in public domain. Photo above : In April 2021 this Siberian Tiger was spotted in China in the far north east of that country where it was eventually tranquilized with darts and is DNA analysed and the stripes also analysed to check whether it had wandered over from Russia. It weighed 200 kg and it was a male. People were astonished to see it wander down a village. It is up in the north of China and it appears to cross into Russia. A study describes the park as an area of "cross-border, cross-province, cross-region and cross-ownership. Its stakeholders are diversified.". There's been enhanced conservation of the Siberian tiger in

Two Bengal tiger parents and their 2 cubs trapped in train carriage enclosure for years

Four Paws International have successfully rescued four Bengal tigers, two of which (the parents) had spent 15 years of captivity in a tight enclosure on a train carriage. The history is interesting and sad. In 2007 a circus troupe abandoned a male and female tiger in San Luis, Argentina. Four Bengal tigers, two of which were trapped in a train carriage for 15 years, now freed. Photo in public domain. On a temporary basis, a local farmer was asked to take care of them but the animal's handler never returned to claim them. As a consequence, this male and female Bengal tiger were caged in a metal train carriage on the farmer's property. The tigers were not sterilised. They bred. They produced two offspring who were born into captivity and remained in captivity until released with their parents by Four Paws International. The train carriage was filthy, as expected, with leftover bones and meat. The tigers probably engaged in pacing which is a displacement activity due to the stress