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White tigress in love with her cub. The back story is not loving.

Of course, the video is charming. We all love to see moms and their babies as there is nothing more charming. And when the mother is a beautiful white tiger cuddling and playing with her white cub the charm is magnified. It is about as charming as animals can get but what is the back story to white tigers? A charming picture of a white tiger mother and her offspring. A loving scene. The back story is not about love. You might know but then you might not. All the white tigers that you see in captivity are hugely inbred. They have to be because they all come from one tiger. Yes, one single tiger. That does not bode very well for genetic diversity. The best book on tigers in the world (probably) states that: "All white tigers in captivity are descendants of a white male cub captured in the forests of Rewa in Madhya Pradesh, India in 1951. The cub named Mohan was mated with a normal-coloured tigress, but the union produced three litters of normal-coloured cubs. When Monaghan was paire

Tiger 'herd' - mother and five cubs (video)

The Indian Forest Service official, Susanta Nanda, says in his tweet that this is a 'herd of tigers' because of the number of offspring which is 5. Normally around 4 is the maximum and my book on the tiger states that a tigress "may give birth to 1-7, although a tigress in the wild is rarely accompanied by more than 2 or 3 cubs. In Nepal, the average size of 49 litters was 2.98. In zoos, the average litter size at birth is 2.8, and an equal numbers of males and females are born". A Bengal female tiger and a 5 cubs which is rare because the average litter size prey tiger is around 2.8 The official is correct and therefore this is an unusual video and a good one because it not only shows us the tigress and cubs but the way the wildlife officials and indeed the way tourists see tigers in their natural habitat. Although, it is said that, if there are too many tourists it disturbs the tigers to the point where they can no longer behave naturally. If you haven’t seen a tige

Tiger siblings playing balletically

This is a really nice video of tiger siblings playing. It is the same as domestic cats playing but scaled up tremendously! This is a Twitter tweet and sometimes these videos stop working because Twitter likes to attract people to their website so they provide a link instead of the video which forces people to go to their website. If that has happened, I'm sorry but I have no control over it.  Bengal tiger siblings playing. I hope that you enjoy the video. It is on a loop and therefore a keeps playing over and over again. The text in the tweet provides the information that you need. It is a positive slice of news regarding tiger conservation. News regarding the conservation of the tiger is normally negative I have to add. And overall, if we take decades of information and going forward, the news will be negative because it is becoming harder and harder to protect the tiger and, in this case, we are referring to the Bengal tiger in India. Watching these siblings play in loop 💕 Just