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Rescued tiger released into the Bay of Bengal with a gigantic leap

This is a cool video of a Bengal tiger leaping off a boat in the world's largest mangrove swamp called the Sundarbans. It is a delta which is on the boundary between Bangladesh and north-east India. And the Sundarbans are a very important reserve and park for the Bengal tiger. There are hundreds of them there although farmers work within this mangrove forest which is why there is human-tiger conflict. This undermines the conservation of the Tiger and of course it causes loss of life. In that regard it is a failure. Please click on the link to see the video on Twitter as it does not work here 😎. However, in this instance clearly this tiger was rescued and they decided to release the tiger from quite a long way offshore which surprises me somewhat although the Bengal tiger is a fantastic swimmer. They can swim for miles if needs be. I just think that it would have been better if they had released the tiger nearer the shore. My gut feeling is that th