Genuine lion versus tiger fight - see video for outcome

I cannot watch these videos. Whether a tiger or a lion wins in a tiger versus lion fight does not actually interest me but it does interest many people. There have been many discussions about this and I have quite a few pages on it myself on my main website. It does fascinate people because there is a kind of bloodlust within the human race which disturbs me and mystifies me actually.

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In any case after that negative introduction, I present to you a genuine tiger versus lion fight. I've not watched it but I did watch tiny bits of it (freeze-frame) to see what happened. The outcome is what I would expect. In a poll that I ran many years ago it came out approximately that 50% of people think that a tiger would win such a fight and the remaining 50% take the opposite viewpoint.

The tiger and lion are very evenly matched as you'd expect. However, the real experts tend to believe that the lion would win such a fight. And I think in the poll the lion came out on top by a very small margin, as I recall. But let's call it a draw and now you can watch the video and tell me what you think in the comment, please.

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2012 poll on PoC.

I guess that you realise that the tiger and lion cannot meet in the wild because they live in entirely different places on the planet. And therefore, any so-called genuine tiger versus lion fight has an artificiality about it because it must be between captive animals. 

Somebody has put them together which I would argue in this instance is irresponsible because they are going to hurt themselves. Are you that keen to see magnificent predators such as these two species fighting aggressively and injuring or even killing one another?

The tiger is bigger than the lion. However, you are going to get individual tigers who are not as big as individual lions. But in general terms the tiger is bigger and therefore stronger. There is very little between them in terms of overall athleticism. As to aggression? Is there a difference? They can both be incredibly fierce.

The argument is academic and only exists because of a human fascination with big iconic species fighting each other. Like I said, it never happens in the wild. Therefore, truly, there is no genuine need to discuss it.


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