Tiger Distribution

I have created several pages on the ranges of the tiger and indeed all the wildcats so I won't go into great detail here but refer to those pages. Suffice to say that the range of the tiger has been on a continual downward path for about a century and a crisis point has been reached it seems. The tiger can no longer be forced into small reserves without further decline in population size. The tiger range is now so fragmented it is almost impossible to draw it. The Caspian tiger was not a subspecies and is extinct while the South China tiger as mentioned is all but extinct living in China (Fujian, Guangdong, Hunan, Jiangxi). The distribution of the other tigers is as follows.

Bengal tiger is now more or less confined to reserves (but it is said that 60+% of Bengal tigers live outside reserves7 - is this true in 2009?) of which most are in India (1400 tigers). But reserves are not protecting the tiger from being poached. The map below shows where the Bengal tigers are in India by region or more particularly by reserve. This tiger is also found in Bangladesh (200-400), Nepal (350) and Bhutan (70)1. See more at Bengal tiger habitat.

View Bengal Tiger Reserves India in a larger map

The Siberian tiger is primarily confined to the far east of Russia and its habitat straddles Vladivostok, which divides its range together with a corridor of industrialization. It is also found in China (just - pop: 18-22 at 2009) & Korea (unsure). See Siberian tiger habitat.

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Indochinese tiger - Myanmar, Thailand, Lao PDR, Viet Nam and Cambodia1.

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Sumatran, Java, Bali tigers. The last two are extinct as mentioned. Each lived or lives on its own island. The islands are marked on the map below. They form a chain. Please click the blue flags:

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Caspian tiger - although extinct a map of its range has been attempted and it is as follows:

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See the references page for details of sources.


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