Man Eating Tigers

One reason why tiger end up being categorised as "man eating" (meaning attacking people) is because they are sometimes forced from their home range. Male tigers like to keep an exclusive home range (for himself) and therefore when the available space on a reserve is limited and the tiger population expands males end up fighting each other for territory and if they lose they then are forced to wander throughout the margins of the reserve where they come into contact with livestock and farmers at which point there is the potential for an attack on a person if for example the tiger is injured and unable to take large prey, his usual prey. Man eating tigers give a bad name to the tiger but actually the reason is the space given to tigers by the people is too small. The problem is ours, therefore.

Sadly, many tigers in reserves are killed by poachers so the problem of man eating tigers due to overpopulation is rare.

Perhaps one reason why there is poaching is because the authorities realise the problems of inadequately sized reserves and allow poaching to take place to keep numbers down and make money on the side. That is a provocative statement but nonetheless a distinct possibility.

Whatever, the tiger is sadly doomed as the set up is not in place to preserve them in the wild. Tigers are of course protected by can be killed in self defense and there is a novel way of preventing a tiger attack. Tigers normally attack from behind.


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