Mining Operations Engander the Tiger

There are countless examples where mining operations have a huge impact on the survivability of the tiger in the wild. If it's not mining it is deforesting and logging and if it is not the tiger it is some of the wildcat or wild animal.

Big business want to mine for all manner of ore to fed the market for consumer products primarily manufactured in China. China has a huge and growing appetite for metals of all kinds to manufacturer electrical and electronic goods. That is why they have invaded Africa and are digging it up. They will wreck the landscape in Africa and no doubt endanger the lion there. There are upsides though in terms of wealth creation at least potentially.

In Goa there is the classic battle going on between business and conservation. Conservation almost invariably loses because there is more money in business.

There is believed to be a tiger in Goa! Actually there has to be more than one and the second one has to be a different sex to the first one if there is any chance of survival. The people there are not sure if there are tigers in Goa. That tells us incidentally how ad hoc and disorganized the conservation process is in some parts of the world and it is probably deliberate to avoid any decent conservation. The Bengal tiger is mismanaged.

There are calls to set up a tiger reserve in the Mhadei wildlife sanctuary but this will affect the mining operation nearby. It is valuable in terms of exports for the country and for its own use.

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Business wants the tiger eradicated from India so that it does not get in the way of its enterprises. Wild cats and corruption go hand in hand. The conservationists are possibly in the hands of the businessmen. It was always thus. It would be the same if the tiger was in Europe.


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