South China Tiger Rewilding

How can we reintroduce captive South China tigers into the wild in China, if as a Chinese expert says, the captive South China tigers are not purebred. They are hybrids; no longer a subspecies of tiger but a "generic" tiger.

If the expert is correct, the game is over and the South China tiger has been persecuted to extinction. Let's get used to it and get over it.

This post came to mind because the Feline Conservation Federation magazine mentions that at the last convention, the keynote speaker, Li Quan, spoke of her "brave and unique" crusade to rewild the South China tiger.

There is a webpage on this subject.

Can someone enlighten me on this? Clearly Li Quan believes that this subspecies of tiger still exists. Even if it does what chance of the tiger surviving in the wild in China? I am not optimistic about that considering it would be extremely rare and desirable...cut up for the medicine market.


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