Tiger Cartoon Characters

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This is a change. Here is a complete list of tiger cartoon characters:

  1. Baby Puss in Dino the Dinosaur
  2. Cool Cat
  3. Cringer (in Spirit)
  4. Hobbes
  5. Mr Tawky Tawny
  6. Rags (in Crusader Rabbit)
  7. Tammany Tiger (in Mr Jack)
  8. Tiger Tim (in Homeless Hector)
  9. Tigger (in Winnie the Pooh)
  10. Tony the Tiger
  11. Ton, Jr. (in Tony the Tiger)
  12. Tycoon (in Wuzzles). He was part raccoon
  13. Tyg
  14. Ty-Grrr (in Spirit)


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