Adopt A Tiger For $50,000 (USD)!

The Sanjay Gandhi National Park scheme to allow individuals to adopt captive lions, tigers and other animals within the park has been revived. The purpose of the scheme is to attract more visitors to the park by making them more interested in the animals. The objective is laudable but I have a strong feeling that the price of adoption is far too high.

Tigers - Sanjay Gandhi National Park by Ipshita B
 If an individual or a company were to adopt a lion, a tiger or a white tiger they would have to fork out about Rs.3 million which is about US$50,000. For that generous donation the adopter adopts let's say a tiger for a year. The amount paid is non-refundable and the state continues to own the tiger. The adopter has his name put on a plaque outside the cage and he can visit the the adopted tiger once per week. There will be no additional charges, understandably, when he or she participates in the scheme.

That more or less sums up the scheme. If anybody reads this post I wonder whether they would agree with me that the adoption fee is too high because what you get for it is very little. I suppose it is not an adoption at all, really, it is a charitable donation towards the conservation of wildlife in India.

That seems to be the intention but I suppose the money goes towards the upkeep of the animals and a bit of it might go into the back pocket of somebody in authority.

We don't know whether anybody has taken up the offer of this scheme but my guess is that very few have if any at all. However, if anybody reads this and knows what happened, I would be very grateful if you would leave a comment.

Just out of interest, the most expensive animal to adopt is a white tiger. And the lion is slightly less valuable than the standard tiger (a Bengal tiger in this instance). That would seem to be a little bit of an insult to the lion. Why aren't they valued in the same amount?


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