Lion Wins Genuine Lion Versus Tiger Fight At Zoo

A lion won this fight but there is an endless discussion on the internet about who is the better fighter and who wins the lion versus tiger fight. It is very rare for a lion to fight a tiger and if they do it will probably occur in a zoo as happened in this case and very often the fight that you see is not a genuine fight but more just a skirmish with one cat batting the other.

However, in this instance a lion killed a tiger at a zoo in Jeonju, North Jeolla Province, South Korea.  A 5-year-old lion fell into a trench that was below his yard. He was trying to catch a chicken that the zookeeper had thrown to him.

Next to the lion's pen was apparently a tiger cage and a 6-year-olf female tiger was able to jump into the trench. This seems to be an example of mismanagement by the zookeepers to me in allowing this to happen.

In any event, although the lion and tiger were similar in length, the lion was a little heavier (by 20 kgs) on this occasion and the tiger when landing in the trench apparently fell heavily which gave the lion a second to gain an advantage.

The lion immediately attacked, probably protecting his territory, biting the Tiger in the neck which appears to have killed her quickly.

There is no clear outright winner in a lion versus tiger fight. It depends upon the individual cats and the advantage that one or other has at the outset.

Some people vehemently support the lion or the tiger. People have very polarized ideas about which cat will win but the truth is we can't say and we don't know. As mentioned, it is a pretty even battle and the outcome depends on a number of factors at the time of the fight, the aggression level of the individual cat involved and the size of the cat involved. Tigers and lions vary considerably in weight and size.


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