Tiger Bone Glue That You Eat!

Tiger bone glue “is very strong in enhancing your masculinity". It is another one of those rather bizarre products that you can buy in Asia created out of tiger bone. There are other products created from the body parts of tigers, a highly endangered species, in part because some people in Asia like to eat bits of it.

This is where you get your tiger bone glue comes from!
Tiger bone glue is particularly odd to me because you would have thought that you would stick things together with it. No, you eat it. A lot of tiger products are geared up to improve masculinity. Perhaps the most notable is the tiger penis. A whole one is worth about $6000 (the last time I checked).  I have no idea how this is eaten. It is probably ground up and put into something or other and then consumed.

The market in tiger bone products is very lucrative. One 10th of a kilogram (about one fifth of a pound) of tiger bone glue costs about $140. Because the market is so lucrative is open to corruption, fraud and misrepresentation.  Sometimes sellers adulterate the tiger bone with the bones of other animals and then they add a little bit of opium to guarantee a feelgood effect. Anybody would feel good with a bit of opium inside them and foolishly they will connect that feeling with the tiger bone.

The great tragedy of the tiger is that it is so masculine, so dominant and such a wonderful predator. The great tragedy of humankind is that it is so weak, insecure and afraid. Thus, it has come about that people want to get a bit of what the tiger has namely masculinity, confidence and a feeling of security and well-being. Only the human could do this.


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