Tiger's Bite Is Much Stronger Than A Lion's Bite

A tiger can bite with a force of up to 1000 pounds per square inch. This is about 10 times more powerful than the bite of a human. The lion's bite is 600 pounds per square inch.  This video explains:-

This information is important in only one respect really and that is the argument about who wins  in a lion versus tiger fight. The bite strength is only one factor, of course. There are many other factors such as the individual weight and size of the lion or tiger. Also, individual cats will vary in their personalities and aggression levels. Incidentally, tigers are generally larger and heavier than lions. The Siberian is the largest cat (excepting man-made hybrids such as the Liger)

I have a page on the lion versus tiger debate which also contains links to many other contributions from visitors. In a long-running poll visitors voted marginally in favour of the lion. However, the argument is academic because these two top predators do not meet in the wild. They may meet in zoos occasionally and they might meet each other as pets. Very rarely will a genuine fight arise and the winner decided.


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