Why Is the Tiger Endangered?

This is 1,000,000 miles from a conventional answer.  You can see some conventional answers to the question in the title on this page.

The reason why the tiger is endangered is because when you find out what people are searching for on the Internet with respect to the tiger they don't search for information about the tiger but prefer information about tiger emojis, Tiger Woods the golfer, Tiger Woods foundation or that kind of thing.  If you pick out the top 100 words and phrases that people search for with respect to the tiger 90% of them or more have nothing whatsoever to do with tiger itself.  Is all to do with products and sport and as mentioned emoticons etc..

This clearly indicates to me that people are not actually interested in preserving the tiger for future generations.  There are far too wrapped up in their own worlds, in the moment.  They're much more concerned about getting hold of a Japanese emoji for their webpage for their e-mail.  People are much more concerned about sport than they are about conserving the endangered tiger.  It's a fact. A plain fact supported by the clear evidence that the tiger is gradually becoming extinct on this planet.

That can only happen because people don't care enough. People are more concerned with people and with themselves and with superficial things. They're more concerned with instant things and products and how they can be happy and how they can survive another day. The tiger is pushed well back in their minds.

People love the tiger as an icon and when it's gone they will be sad for a while and then they will look at pictures of it or perhaps go to the zoo and see a generic highly inbred tiger living its short life behind bars, utterly miserable. Even captive tigers will one day become extinct after those in the wild have disppeared.


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