Why do tigers attack humans?

I can answer this question without referring to books or doing internet research because it is fairly obvious.

Firstly, humans are not on the list of prey items of the tiger. The tiger does not prey on the human. It is common sense, I guess, because the human is the top predator and beats the tiger. The human is the only animal that beats the tiger routinely.

If a tiger attacks humans there has to be some good reasons and there are. The tiger is desperate.

Man-eating big cats including the tiger are often infirm, old, injured and/or forced to come into contact with the human because they can't find a home range. They are beaten by other tigers in finding a place to live.

If a tiger is hungry and unable to find its usual prey because it has been killed by people and if the tiger has been injured by people or old then if the tiger comes into contact with people because, due to a lack of space they are forced together, the tiger may attack the human for food. When this happens, it is said the tiger develops a habit and may well attack again. So the habit of man-eating is a secondary reason why tigers attack humans.

The underlying reasons as to why the tiger attacks humans can almost always be traced back to the presence and the activities of the human. We made it thus.

If the tiger (a) was left alone by people - did not encounter people (b) had the space and (c) the prey made available, he/she would not attack humans.

I can remember the story of a man-eating leopard shot by the big game hunter Jim Corbett many years ago. The leopard had been injured for whatever reason (usually a human reason) and forced through desperation to attack humans.

Tigers attack humans from behind. If people wear masks on the back of their heads it stops an attack.


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