Why don’t tigers live in Africa?

Why don’t tigers live in Africa?

The reason is because during the evolution of the tiger in Asia from where it migrated over a large area and as far as the Caspian Sea there was a water mass between Asia and the African continent which prevented the migration of the tiger as far as Africa.

That is my theory. If you have a better one, please tell me. Please click on the link above to read more and see a map.

The only weakness in this theory is that I am unable to find a word map for about 3-5 million years ago (3-5 MYA) which is the time we believe that the tiger first appeared on the planet.

The map I used is for the world 35 MYA. The water mass between Asia and Africa narrowed but as we know it still exists and in addition the habitat west of Northern India is unsuitable for the tiger which also prevents migration.

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