How many wild tigers are left in the world?

At April 2016, they (the experts1) say that there are an estimated 3,890 in the wild3 on planet earth but note the word "estimated2" and note that the number will change from month to month and year to year. The change is usually downwards because the tiger is endangered due to human activities. They say the tiger population is bouncing back. I say there is a lot of political pressure to talk up tiger numbers. The pressure from human activities (poaching, loss of habitat etc.) is greater than the desire to talk up numbers.

The long term prognosis is poor unless there is a radically different approach to humankind's relationship with all wild species. This change must come from the default desire for perpetual economic growth which invariable means diminishing tiger numbers. Business takes away tiger habitat - bye bye tiger. Business beats conservation. Economic growth = less wild life on the planet. There is no denying that simple formula. And we must not forget Chinese medicine - horrible stuff which kills many tigers.

1. WWF
2. Estimates are often inaccurate despite best efforts to the contrary. Some countries don't cooperate in counting numbers.
3. I have presumed that the question concerns tigers in the wild. There are far more captive tigers than tigers living wild.


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