Carole Baskin can push ahead with her Big Cat Public Safety Act now that "Doc" Antle is out of the way

Carole Baskin, the founder and manager of Big Cat Rescue in Florida is a genuine animal advocate and conservationist. She has many critics because she's an outspoken person but I am one of her supporters and admirers. 

Doc Antle. Screenshot from video.

I believe that she is genuine and she's good for big cat welfare. She's been trying to push through animal welfare law to protect big cats in America where they are kept as pets and where tiger and lion cubs are exploited in roadside zoos for photography and petting sessions. She is behind the Big Cat Safety Act which has been introduced into the federal legislature.

One of the biggest exploiters of that money spinning business was exotically named Bhagavan "Doc" Antle. He was (his time has come to an end) one of the big four "Tiger Kings", all of whom have been indicted for animal cruelty. He owns the Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina. 

Carole Baskin. Photo: BCR.

Carole Baskin believes that Antle was the kingpin of the tiger and lion cub exploitation racket. Clearly it was immoral and now it has become conclusively illegal because Antle has been charged with animal cruelty and hopefully this will lead to the closure of his private zoo and his exploitative practices and that it will put him in jail where he can join his associate, the equally exotically named Joe Exotic who was at one time American's biggest private zoo owner. 

They are all of the same ilk: exploitative businessmen who pretended that they were in the business of conservation. They pranced around America like peacocks with their feathers fluffed up revelling in the celebrity that they had generated through their exotic cats. They lorded it over their cats like father figures. I feel really sorry for these cats being subdued into looking up admiringly at this horrible person.


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