Joe Exotic says that a penis pump exhibit was for tigers

This is a bizarre story but aren't they all bizarre when they come from the Joe Exotic book of life. Just to remind you, Joe Exotic is the former owner of a private in America where he kept hundreds of animals including a large number of tigers and lions and indeed other big cats. He planned to murder Carole Baskin (BCR founder) and has ended up in jail for 22 years. He is one of four "Tiger Kings" all of whom have been charged for animal cruelty. All four owned private zoos and allegedly exploited tigers and/or lion cubs.

Image: PoC from pictures in the public domain.

Moving forward, a Las Vegas museum is exhibiting a penis pump which they claim belonged to Joe Exotic. He denies it saying that he never needed a sex aid and that is sex drive has always been strong. He is gay and he is known to have lived with two husbands when he wasn't locked in prison.

He claims that Geoff Lowe who took over his private zoo in Oklahoma made up the stories about items collected from his former home. Those items are now displayed at the Zak Bagans' Haunted Museum in Las Vegas.

Another item from his home apparently is described as Exotic's ex Travis Maldano's "haunted tricycle". This item is also being called into question.

If you visit the museum there are strict rules on photographing the penis pump! Comment: the interesting aspect of this story from an animal welfare standpoint is that Joe Exotic says that the penis but must have been used on animals which I have extended to mean including tigers as he bred tigers and lions and their hybrids. 

This indicates that he does not know how it was used which is also interesting. But if it is true that it was used on animals it is another aspect of his activities at his private zoo which is objectionable. In fact, it is startling and bizarre and goes to show how unethical this man was when he was fluffing his peacock feathers and prancing around Oklahoma pretending he was a major conservator of wildlife when in fact he was simply exploiting vulnerable young tiger cubs.


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