Do tigers eat fish?

Do tigers eat fish? Yes, is the answer but perhaps the better question is "Do tigers want to eat fish?" Fish is edible to a tiger but it is not a typical prey animal for the tiger. The fish is too small and they're not going to bump into a fish very often. Also they need to pray on large animals to sustain themselves but they are opportunistic hunters and each pretty well anything which presents itself to them. That's why you see in the video below a private zookeeper feeding his tigers with fish and they appear to be liking it a lot. I think the zoo is in South Africa as he has a South African accent.

What I don't like a lot is this man's private zoo. It's horrible. South Africa has a poor reputation for wild animal welfare (e.g. canned lion hunts and selling lion body parts to China). But fortunately it answers the question. Tigers do eat fish but they won't go out of their way to find fish to eat because it is just is not viable to do so. They are far too small. Tigers need a lot more food at one sitting than a couple of fish. An adult tiger eats from 18 to 27 kilograms of food a night (40 – 60 pounds).


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