Tiger count and distribution 2014

Here are two images which provide us with a tiger count for 2014 and the distribution of the tiger at the same date. It seems to me that the IUCN Red List's data stops at 2014. I have found this with other cat species. What is happening? A lot can change over 7 years. A hell of a lot in fact. The IUCN Red List needs to update its information annually at the very least. Am I missing the point or something? No idea.

Tiger population for world at 2014
World tiger count at 2014 is 4,240 according to the guys who should know: IUCN Red List. This is a screenshot from their PDF file.

I have taken a liberty in lifting these images from their PDF files but I do so for educational purposes. I was surprised that they came up with the number of 4,240 tigers left in the wild on the planet. That is more than I had thought. How accurate is their information? It is certainly out of date and it is an estimate. Can't trust it I am afraid. This information should be treated as guidelines only.

Where was the tiger found in the wild in 2014?
Where was the tiger found in the wild in 2014? The map shows us. Map: IUCN Red List.

Wild tiger
Glorious tiger. Photo in public domain.


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