When do tigers become adults?

I can call upon Mel and Fiona Sunquist again to answer the question in the title (Wild Cats of the World). In relying on the work of JLD Smith and C McDougal (1991 - The Contribution of variance in lifetime reproduction to effective population size in tigers), they state unequivocally that 'tigers continue to grow and put on muscle until they are about five years old; this prolonged period of growth is more evident in males than in females'.

When do tigers become adults. At about 5.
When do tigers become adults. At about 5. Photo: Pixabay

So tigers become adults at around five years old. This reminds me the often quoted statement that the Maine Coon domestic cats becomes a mature adult at aged four. They, too, are relatively slow developers.

Male tigers become sexually mature at three to four years of age and they normally take longer than females to acquire breeding territories.

At about three years old females become sexually mature. They conceive about six months later. A tigress might have her first litter when she is 3.5-4 years old.

There is nothing more to say as I believe I have answered the question. Please comment if you have anything to input. Thanks.


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