Did the 'Tiger King' get out of prison?

COMMENT ON THE NEWS: Joe Exotic (not his real name which is believed to be Joseph Allen Schreibvogel) was dubbed 'Tiger King' by Netflix for their documentary series about him and his relationship with Carole Baskin the founder and CEO of Big Cat Rescue (BCR)

Colbert interviews Joe Exotic from his prison
Colbert interviews Joe Exotic from his prison. Video screenshot.

Exotic was sentenced to 22 years in prison for conspiring to murder Baskin. He asked for a presidential pardon from Trump who failed to respond to the request

Baskin hates the Netflix documentary as it portrays her as being of the same ilk as Joe Exotic. They painted a picture of a feud between them. There was not. Exotic clearly hated her because she campaigned against people like Exotic who abused and exploited tiger cubs for profit.

I think that it is accepted that Exotic disposed of tiger cubs when they became sub-adults as they were no longer assets but liabilities in terms of turning a profit

He only wanted those cute cubs which he could exploit in camera shoot sessions and the like. Exotic also liked to play God and create big cat hybrids such as ligers (yes, it starts with an 'l' and is the offspring of a male father and tiger mother). They are exotic creatures. You can see where he got his made up name from.

He is still in prison serving that long sentence. Trump pardoned 70 people. Some of them were his mates or former chums who'd been convicted of fraudulent behaviour.

Stephen Colbert of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert secured an exclusive interview of Exotic from prison (Grady County jail, OK). Here it is below. Exotic talks as if he is as mad as a hatter. Maybe he has lost his mind.

He certainly does not have any of the airs and graces of a "King". More a mad murderer (attempted). He lost his massive private zoo as a consequence of his imprisonment. It was said to be the largest private zoo in the US. It think it was transferred to Baskin in an ultimate act of mental cruelty to Exotic. Good!

His 'mates', the others who abused big cats for profit in other private zoos, have also be rubbed out by the authorities. Their time had come and gone. 'Doc' Antle was one of them. He owned the world's largest cat, a captive and obese Siberian tiger hybrid that was humongous in size.

P.S. people ask if the Tiger King is real? Yes, he is. And if he is still alive? Yes he is. But is he a Tiger King? NO he isn't. He's an idiot. But quite pleasant apparently according to Louis Theroux, except for his deeply unpleasant behaviour in the way he treated big cats and other animals.


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