Names of film tigers (and a person)

Adult tiger at repose. Image: Pixabay.

What was the tiger called in the life of Pi? Answer: Richard Parker who is a Bengal tiger that lived in a zoo owned by Pi's family.

What was the Tiger King's name? Answer: this is a reference to Joe Exotic, real name Joseph Allen Schreibvogel, who featured in the recent Netflix docuseries about private zoos in America and the ostensible feud (not true) between Mr Exotic and Carole Baskin who founded, owns and managed Big Cat Rescue (BCR).

What was the tiger's name in Aladdin? Answer: Rajah.

What was the tiger's name in Jungle Book? Answer: Shere Khan (a Bengal tiger). What does 'Shere Khan' mean? According to The Kipling Society 'shere' means tiger and 'khan' is a title of distinction as he is the chief among tigers.

Bengal tiger
Image by No-longer-here from Pixabay 


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