Joe Exotic 'Tiger King" will be released from his 22-year prison sentence early

It is reported that Joe Exotic 58, is going to be released early from his 22-year prison sentence for conspiring to murder Carole Baskin. The Sun tell us that his sentence is due to be changed. They say he will soon walk free from prison. And on that basis, he has big plans. 

Joe Exotic and tiger
Joe Exotic and tiger. Pic in public domain.

He wants a new boyfriend and to meet that requirement he is preparing to star in his own dating show. The TV companies will be lining up to hire him. He also has plans to start up his own cannabis production line. The dating show will be called "Bachelor King" after the label that the media has given him which is "Tiger King" because he peddled in captive tigers and abused them. It is funny how people forget how he exploited and abused tiger cubs. He was one of the big four exploiters of tigers in America for many years. He was cruel to tigers.

At one time he had the largest private zoo in America with the greatest number of big cats. You may remember that he starred in the Netflix documentary series which made him famous and which misrepresented the role of Carole Baskin in tiger conservation.

Mr Exotic says that he is on a mission to find his sixth husband. He announced that he had split from husband Dillon Passage, 26, after four years of marriage. He is asking prospective boyfriends to send in selfies but they've got to be topless!

He said that he's been to hell and when he is released, he wants to "make my new life something I have always dreamt of. I want to spend it with someone that can take a relationship seriously and being love and enjoy this ride."

Joe Exotic has had a colourful journey in respect of partners. One of his marriages to JC Hartpence ended when Hartpence held a gun to his head in a drunken row. Hartpence is currently serving time in prison for murder and paedophilia.

Comment: I am very surprised to read that Jo Exotic is going to be released early. I have no idea what evidence he is providing the court to grant him early release. Update: apparently, he has prostate cancer and has been begging to be released from prison. But isn't prostate cancer often curable nowadays? Is his prostate curable? How advanced is it? Prostate cancer per se should not be enough for release.

He reveals his diagnosis on Twitter and asked his fans to get the attention of Joe Biden to force the authorities to release him early. In an early post I decided that he was trying to scam his way out of prison with prostate cancer. It seems to be genuine.

John Phillips [Exotic’s lawyer] has received my medical records from FMC Fort Worth and my PSA count came back very high for prostate cancer,” he wrote.

He said that he's lost a tremendous amount of weight and he has mouth sores which are out of control. He doesn't want pity but he wants to get out of jail. He says on Twitter that he throws up more than he eats. He had been hopeful of a presidential pardon with former US president Donald Trump but that was unsuccessful.


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