World's oldest living captive tiger is 25 years and 319 days old

Guinness World Records have declared that a tiger at Tiger Creek Animal Sanctuary, Tyler, Texas, USA, is the world's oldest captive tiger. Her name is Bengali. She came to the Sanctuary in 2000. The sanctuary say that they like "provide a safe and secure environment for animals in need of rescue or rehabilitation while conserving endangered and threatened species."

Bengali the world's oldest living captive tiger at 25 years 319 days
Bengali the world's oldest living captive tiger at 25 years 319 days. Photo: Guinness World Records.

Normally, tigers in captivity live to around 15-20 years. In the wild about 12 years is the norm. Bengali has more than doubled the average wild tiger lifespan. She has no cubs but the sanctuary considers her to be an important part of tiger conservation.

They said:

"We are extremely honored and very proud to know we have the oldest living tiger in captivity. We care deeply for every animal at Tiger Creek, and keeping Bengali healthy and happy for so many years is an incredible accomplishment for the sanctuary, our staff, and of course, our Bengali."

Bengali will be 26 on August 21 and she is expected to reach that age. My reference book tells me that captive tigers have in the past lived for as long as 26 years. Therefore, Bengali is not, in truth, that exceptional. 20 years of age is not uncommon in captivity. The oldest female to give birth in captivity gave birth to a single carb at the Rotterdam Zoo at 17 years of age. In the wild a female is doing well if she survives to 14 or 15 years of age.

P.S. Today is International Tiger Day (July 29th). It is a day to promote tiger conservation. 


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