Tiger pulls car backwards with its teeth clamped on the bumper

Sometimes people ask about the strength of the tiger. Their strength is legendary. This video on Twitter kind of proves it. However, they can do far more impressive things than this. They will move the carcasses of enormous animals over quite considerable distances before hiding them or finding a quiet place  to stash them for consumption at a later date.

Tiger pulls car backwards with its teeth clamped on the bumper
Tiger pulls car backwards with its teeth clamped on the bumper. Screenshot.

Tigers take their prey into cover before beginning to eat. There are many stories about the tiger's amazing ability to move a carcass that is several times heavier than itself. One tiger in Myanmar (formerly Burma) dragged a gaur bull weighing 770 kg although 13 men were unable to move the carcass a yard! 

Several other records confirm the tiger's strength in dragging away large carcasses. One tiger reportedly carried a full-grown horse 500 m. Another tiger carried an adult heifer up a 12-foot-high embankment.

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Postscript: this tiger was fascinated with the bumpers of this vehicle. There is something in the manufacturing process which leaves a chemical or substance in the bumper which interested this tiger. We don't know what it is. It seems to me that the tiger wanted to eat the bumper so something was in it that the tiger thought was edible. 

This vehicle is an SUV manufactured in India and it was carrying tourists at the time which makes the feat doubly impressive.

And as part of that thought process the tiger decided to pull the "carcass" (i.e. the vehicle) into a hiding place. Clearly to the tiger it represented a very large prey animal which need to be hidden so that he could return and feed on it at his leisure.

Tiger stories source: Wild Cats of the World.

YouTube version of the above in case one of them fails.


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