Tigers in traditional Chinese medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine is a major contributor to making the tiger extinct in the wild and the President of the country, Xi Jinping, supports and praises the medicine despite it being based on ancient superstitions. He thinks that it a good thing. But ancient medicine is bad medicine. Medical knowledge has grown hugely but traditional Chinese medicine is rooted in the past when there was little knowledge. It is therefore a fake medicine. It was first used in around 2,200 years ago when the world was relatively ignorant. It still bloody well is.

Horrible, degrading tiger farms
Horrible, degrading tiger farms. Completely disrespectful of the magnificent tiger. Image in public domain.

Peoples of the world have a duty to respect the cultures of others. Yes, I agree but not if that culture severely damages the planet and the animals that live on it. When this happens, we have a duty to criticise and try and change a deviant culture.

One of the great problems of modern-day people is that some cultures are rooted in ideas and practices that were set in concrete a thousand or two thousand years ago. This is very dangerous and damaging. Look at the Islam faith for example. The Koran states that Muslims have to kill non-believers because when the religion was created that was the thing to do. And some people (terrorists) still believe it.

Traditional Chinese medicine needs to grow up and modernise. To stop using animal body parts. By all means use herbs and plants. The medicine inside plants often works. But to believe that eating a tiger penis makes you better in bed is madness.

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A National Geographic article has said:

"Nearly every part of this cat, from nose to tail ‎ (eyes, whiskers, brains, flesh, blood, organs and more) has been used to treat a lengthy list of maladies. Tiger parts are purported to heal the liver and kidneys, to cure everything from epilepsy, baldness, toothaches, joint pain and boils to ulcers, nightmares, fevers, and headaches. They’re also used to treat rat bites and laziness and are thought to prevent possession by evil demons. Tiger penis is said to have aphrodisiac powers."

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According to the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation China banned the trade of tiger bone in 1993. In 1994 some Chinese traditional medicine practitioners repudiated its use and efficacy. But it is still big business. And, alone, it is probably the single biggest cause of the demise of the tiger in the wild together with habitat loss.

Chinese traditional medicine is killing the tiger species. As there aren't enough tigers to kill (poach) in the wild, China has massive tiger farms where they are treated like cows or any other livestock. A complete rejection of their status in the world. Ironically, the tiger's body parts have these magically powers because of the tigers powers and prowess and yet they are reduced to livestock in China. Their own tiger, the South China tiger was almost killed off years ago. There are very few left in the wild.

For an animal advocate it was very depressing to hear President Xi Jinping praising traditional Chinese medicine in 2019. He said that it is important for building a healthy China.

"Traditional Chinese medicine is a treasure in Chinese civilization, which carries the great wisdom of Chinese people. China's traditional medicine cause has made remarkable progress and contribution to people's health since 1949," Xi said.

And yet there is no scientific proof that it actually works! It is mumbo jumbo when analysed scientifically.

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang wrote that traditional Chinese medicine is a great creation of the Chinese nation. A 'great creation' that has never grown up and developed to incorporate modern science. How can it be great? It is stunted and dangerous to both humans, tigers and all animals.

The president does not care less if his country's medicine kills off the tiger. He has no concept of tiger conservation or perhaps conservation of any kind. The Chinese have a passion for eating pangolin scales for some other spurious medicinal reason which is also unsupported by science. The pangolin is now critically endangered.

Through Chinese traditional medicine the Chinese are severely damaging many species of wild animal. And in brutally killing them in wet markets they have endangered the human race because they've allowed the transmission of zoonotic disease to humans through body fluids. And yet the Chinese arrogantly and blissfully carry on in their own way ignoring science, conservation and good sense.


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