Abundism in a tiger cub in the wild

Abundism is a variant of pigmentation in the cat's coat, identifiable by enlarged stripes covering a large part of the body of the tiger making it almost appear melanistic (black). Some refer to it as pseudomelanism. 

It is due to a spontaneous genetic mutation, in the same that white tigers at one time popped up in the wild decades ago until they were all shot. White tigers are also due to a genetic mutation.

Genes don't always replicate perfectly, and you get mutations. Many of the cat breeds are based on genetic mutations which give the cats and unusual anatomical feature such as hairlessness or a short tail out of which a breed can be created with selective breeding.

Abundism in a tiger cub in the wild
Abundism in a tiger cub in the wild. Image: Screenshot.

Here is a little video of a tiger cub with abundism. I guess the word 'abundism' (which sounds very old fashioned) is a reference to the 'abundance' of the pigment called melanin in the hair strands creating the black appearance.

I think I have the same tiger cub in another video. Click here if it is interests you. I remember discussing this condition in a little more detail in this former post.


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