Do tigers recognise each other?

We are not sure whether tigers can recognise each other but it seems likely that they can because the stripes and marks on a tiger's face and body are unique to each individual. Scientists have identified tigers through their stripes when carrying out studies. And tigers can recognise other tigers it is believed both through these facial markings and because of their scent (body odour).

Tigers can recognise each other from their facial markings and body scent
Tigers can recognise each other from their facial markings and body scent. Image: vadaka1986 (I have changed the background to make it a little more interesting. 

Perhaps it is not unreasonable to suggest that confirmation of the identity of a tiger by another might be achieved through their vocalisations. Tigers have several close-range vocalisations for reassurances, appeasement and greeting including where needed, aggression. Both the friendly and threatening vocalisations are conducted with accompanying body language and facial expressions.

For instance, the prusten and grunts are friendly sounds. The former is a staccato type sound and it is part of the tiger's greeting behaviour. Tigresses use friendly sounds when communicating with their offspring and to maintain contact and give instructions. Also, tigers of the opposite sex use close range friendly vocalisations during courtship and mating.

The conclusion that I have is that tigers can recognise each other.


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