Video showing a tiger and Cristiano Ronaldo using their jumping skills and agility

Quite a nice comparison. Both using their considerable strength, agility and athleticism to achieve their objectives. It is nice to compare the Bengal tiger with Ronaldo!

Despite their size, tigers are incredibly athletic. They can swim well and during the hot season in India they spend a large part of the day lounging half submerged in ponds to enable them to dissipate their body heat. 

Although tigers rarely climb trees they can and will when provoked. I'm talking about the ability to jump and climb him which is illustrated in the video. 

An observer saw a tigress in the Chitwan National Park, Nepal, with a newborn and who was apparently annoyed by the presence of a researcher in a small tree near her den. She surged up the tree and pulled the observer down from his perch which was 4.6 m above the ground. 


Mel and Fiona Sunquist (Wild Cats of the World) also report on an adult tiger climbing a smooth-bark tree to a height of 10 m. 

During the Bangladesh floods of 1969 many tigers escaped the high water by climbing into trees. The Tiger's anatomy supports this jumping ability because their hind legs are slightly longer than their front legs. 

Jumps as long as 8-10 m have been recorded but these might be exceptional as they can normally leap about half these distances.

Note: Below is the tweet from which the above video was made. I convert the twitter videos to my videos served by Google as Twitter often deletes videos or reduces them to links.


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