INFOGRAPHIC on why tiger populations are falling

I hope that this infographic nicely summarises the reasons in 2022 for the continual decline in tiger populations and why this precious, iconic wild cat remains vulnerable. They say that the Bengal tiger population is roughly stable but overall, there is downward pressure on tiger numbers when taking together all the species of tiger. 

The IUCN (the experts) say that the population is decreasing and in a demonstration of their inefficiencies they have a typo in the population section in saying that the tiger population is: 2,608-3905,3140. Go figure that 😉. The minimum is 2,608 I guess and the maximum - well you guess. Probably 3,905 or 3,140. I think the latter is more accurate, but humankind does not really know the number of tigers left on the planet because we don't care enough.

I won't add many words at the moment as the infographic tells the story succinctly, I believe. It is quite a complicated problem, but the underlying reason is simple, starkly simple. Humans are killing the world's most glamorous, largest and top predator. 

The tiger is no match for the human when it comes to killing either directly or indirectly. Poaching for tiger body parts to supply TCM is now the single biggest threat and President Xi Jinping could do something about it but does the opposite. He supports TCM which relies on tiger body parts.

There is no science to support TCM. It is based on ancient superstition but Xi calls it a precious tradition. And for this the tiger is doomed. Thanks President Xi.

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The Asians (there are other countries where they eat tiger parts) will only stop eating tigers when they 'run out of stock' i.e., when they are extinct. They won't become totally extinct because the Chinese farm tigers like cattle.

So, we can look forward to the day when all the tigers that remain on the planet are behind bars on tiger farms in that god forsaken country.


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