How do tigers kill big prey animals?

They suffocate them after knocking them to the ground with their considerable bulk and the strength in their forelegs. They grab the animal with both their massive front paws. The claws sink into the animal's flesh. They are gripped tightly. The tiger then clamps his/her jaws around the prey's windpipe. The tiger then squeezes the victim's throat and holds on until it is suffocated. Unable to breathe in the vice-like grip they animal passes away quietly and quickly. The tiger will often keep its jaws around the neck for several minutes to make sure it is dead. They've experienced prey surviving and racing off in the past. The tiger pulls its prey into bushes. Tigers have enormous strength and can pull huge prey animals considerable distances over rough terrain. Tigers sometimes kill fellow big felines such as the leopard. The latter avoids the tiger!

Legendary tiger strength on show as tiger pulls SUV backwards with its teeth clamped on bumper.

Image: in public domain. Frame and words added.

The difference in size between the tiger and the leopard and the subservience of the leopard to the tiger is dramatically shown in this excellent photograph. The tiger can kill the leopard fairly easily and they eat the leopard as prey. This is not so much a competition as a predator preying on prey.


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