Map showing where Siberian tiger photographed in Northern China (December 2022)

Siberian tiger caught in a camera trap in the far north of China
Siberian tiger caught in a camera trap in the far north of China.

This is a Google Map showing the location where this Siberian tiger was captured by a remote camera trap device. These cameras are left alone and activated by movement.

The name of the location as reported in online news media is confusing as there appears to be different versions of the same name of the names are wrong. For sure, though, this large tiger was spotted in a mountain range called 'Greater Hinggan Mountains' in northeast China's Heilongjiang Province.

Xiao Hinggan Ling as shown in the map is an individual mountain as I understand it.

In any event the location is in the extreme north-east of China and a place where the experts believed that the tiger was extinct. They've been proved wrong.

As is the case with all tiger populations, there has been a massive diminishing of numbers since the turn of the 20th century. Some subspecies of tiger have become extinct in the wild. 

The Siberian tiger is mainly found in Russia in an area just south-east of the one we see in the map around Vladivostok, Primorsky Krai, Russia. The Siberian tiger species is not the same as the South China tiger species.

RELATED: Siberian Tiger Habitat - the linked page shows the distribution of the Siberian tiger as well. It is quite close to the area shown on the map on this page.

The Siberian tiger's population straddles China and Russia. It is very remote area which helps to keep this rare cat safe. They are the largest cat in the world.

Of course, they were hunted to near extinction by the Russians. The estimated numbers as at today is around 400. The IUCN Red List which should provide reasonably accurate data does not. 

They have a horribly messed up page on the tiger generally. They don't distinguish between the Bengal and Siberian tiger, the two main remaining tiger subspecies. Disappointing.


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