Tiger paw size compared to domestic cat paw and male human hand

This is a triple comparison focusing on the paw size of a regular domestic cat. The adult tiger paw is genuinely enormous. Its size emphasises the size of the tiger. The Siberian tiger species is the world's biggest cat. I have a feeling that the paw we see in the photo is that of a Siberian tiger.

Picture comparing domestic cat paw size with tiger paw size and human hand (male)
Picture comparing domestic cat paw size with tiger paw size and human hand (male). Image: MikeB

The strength of the tiger is very apparent in this photograph. Physically tigers are very powerful. They are burly animals supremely well equipped to single-handedly capture and subdue very large prey animals. Their strength is legendary being able to drag large prey animals across rough ground and even uphill over considerable distances to cache the animal before consuming it.

The skull is large and foreshortened. This increases the bite force at the tips of the amazing set of canine teeth.

The neck is short and the shoulders are broad. The forelimbs are massive, ideal for grappling with prey while holding onto it while their long retractable claws at the end of those beautiful and highly impressive, wide paws. They have the same configuration as the paws of a domestic cat.

Tigers stand taller at the shoulders than at the rear. The Bengal and Siberian tiger measure about a metre high at the shoulders although he Siberian is in general larger than the Bengal tiger. 

The body is long and lithe. The hindquarters are not quite as well muscled compared with the forelimbs. The tail normally measures less than half the head and body length.


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